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Interactive PDFs in Acrobat and InDesign

Skill Level 2

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Level 2: For students comfortable with the basics, having spent some time with the subject, but in need of deepened insight into important or more challenging features

This and all of our classes require these basic computer skills

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$295 • one day (6 hours)
meets 9:30am–4:30pm

Class Description

Luminous Works trainings are all useful, helpful, relaxed, and informative. Class space is comfortable. I always walk away feeling like I learned a lot. This training was no different. I am looking forward to PDF forms next week.
Acrobat student

Acrobat Pro has the ability to integrate JavaScript, multimedia, and Flash within interactive PDFs. In this class, we'll show you how to create a visually exciting, multimedia PDF using Acrobat's interactive features, such as Buttons, Rollovers, and Pop ups. You'll also learn how to embed multimedia files such as audio, video and Flash within your PDF.

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what we cover—in detail

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Making interactive PDFs using InDesign
  • Fillable forms that include:
    • text fields
    • drop-down menus
    • radio buttons
    • check boxes
    • fields that yield calculations
  • Bookmarks and Hyperlinks out of InDesign
  • Cross-references
  • Movies and sounds
  • Animation
  • Page transitions
  • Buttons
Making PDFs interactive using Acrobat
  • How to Create Hyperlinks & bookmarks
  • Playing movies and sounds in your PDF
  • Embedding files within your PDF
  • Playing Flash files
  • Adding Rollover, hyperlinks, pop-ups and buttons
PDF presentations and slide transitions
  • Make multipage presentations with e a very small file size.
  • Create a presentation with any size pages, page transitions and mulit media embedding.
Distribution Methods
  • Determining which format is best for you; via the web, email
  • Which are best for your needs?

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