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Video Editing with Premiere Pro CC

Skill Level 1

$595 • two days (12 hours)
meets 9:30am–4:30pm

Not currently scheduled. However, custom training and consulting are available: contact us for rates and information.

Class Description

Everyone should take this class because Navin is a great teacher and is patient with his students.
Premiere student
Learn to edit your footage in Adobe's leading video editing software for professionals. With this incredibly powerful but intuitive program, you'll add transitions, effects, titles, and audio. Then take it to the next level by sweetening and mixing the sound, compositing your footage, adjusting color, keyframing, editing footage shot with multiple cameras and exporting to a variety of devices. You'll also discover how to streamline your workflow process utilizing other Adobe Creative Suite products such as Photoshop and After Effects.

Students should bring headphones (with a standard stereo minijack) so they may better hear their own audio.
This class is taught by an experienced filmmaker and editor.

who should take this class?

Filmmakers, videographers, photographers, visual designers and other content creators who wish to create and share compelling movies. Basic computer skills required.

what we cover—in detail

(always customized for the students attending)

Getting Started
  • Introduction to Premiere Pro
  • Creating new project
  • GNaming files and their settings
Creating a Project
  • New project settings
  • New sequence settings
  • Frame rate, frame size, aspect ratio
  • Project Workflow
Importing Media
  • Importing from hard drive
  • The Media Browser
  • Working with images and stills
  • Capturing from videotape, SSD cards, 4K Proxy files
Organizing Media
  • Project panel
  • Bins and folders
  • Searching for media
  • Thumbnails and poster frames
Video Editing Basics
  • Previewing clips
  • In and Out points
  • Insert and Overwrite edits
  • The Timeline
  • Trimming clips
  • Deleting clips
  • Removing gaps
  • Types of transitions
  • Adding transitions
  • Modifying transitions
  • Edit points and handles
  • Fine tuning with A/B mode
  • Audio transitions
Video in Motion
  • Changing clip position, size and rotation
  • Motion effects
  • Keyframes
  • Animating stills and graphics
Audio Editing and Sweetening
  • Audio leveling and “ducking” with the Essential Sound Panel
  • Dynamic Linking to Adobe Audition
  • Volume
  • The Audio Track Mixer
  • The Audio Clip Mixer
Video Effects
  • Working with effects
  • Keyframing effects
  • Image stabilization
  • Rolling shutter reduction
  • Lighting effects
  • Adjustment layers
Advanced Editing
  • 3-point edits
  • 4-point edits
  • Ripple, Roll, and Slip edit
  • Slide edit
  • Clip speed changing
  • Freeze frames
  • Replacing clips
  • Nesting sequences
  • Creating subclips
Color Correcting and Grading
  • Color grading using Lumetri Panel
  • Color correction using Lumetri Panel
  • Exposure correction and Vignette
  • Match Color panel
  • Image effects
Compositing Techniques
  • Parallax animation
  • Color keying a greens-creen shot
  • Using mattes and transport controls
  • Blending modes
Adding Titles and Graphics
  • Using The Essential Graphics Panel
  • Mixing and adding fonts with Adobe Typekit
  • Creating animations with text
  • SMasking and Keyframes
  • Working with shapes and logos
  • Animating layered Photoshop documents
Multicamera Editing
  • The multicamera workflow
  • Creating a multicamera sequence
  • Switching multiple cameras
  • Finalizing a multicamera sequence
  • Adjusting and fine tuning
Managing Your Projects
  • Collaborating with a team (Adobe Anywhere)
  • Using Project Manager
  • Managing hard drives and SSDs
  • Importing footage, projects and sequences
  • Moving media and creating proxies
  • Export options
  • Overview of codecs (H.265)
  • Export single frames
  • Export a master copy
  • Using Adobe Media Encoder
  • Making a Preset within Media Encoder
  • Exporting for DVD
  • Exporting for web (HTML5)
  • Recording to tape

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This is a "Level 1" class

Level 1: For students new to the software or skill being taught, or with broad gaps in knowledge, but familiar with the concepts under discussion

All of our classes require basic computer skills.

Not currently scheduled. However, custom training and consulting are available: contact us for rates and information.


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