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Adobe Dreamweaver Classes

Hands-on & in-person at our fully-equipped Seattle lab

Dreamweaver is the production tool of most web designers and developers.

We make sure you know how to use it to both produce and maintain the sites for which you are responsible.

One will enjoy only very limited success in Adobe Dreamweaver without HTML skills. Our HTML & Web Overview class is a gentle but informative introduction.

Class Skill Levels Explained:

Introductory: Appropriate for students completely new to professional Desktop Publishing and Web Design

Level 1: For students new to the software or skill being taught, or with broad gaps in knowledge, but familiar with the concepts under discussion

Level 2: For students comfortable with the basics, but in need of deepened insight into more challenging features and/or application of them

Level 3: For students quite familiar with the subject, but in need of advanced skills and/or difficult features

Dreamweaver CC Essentials

$595 — Skill Level: 1 — two days, 9:30am–4:30pm

Learn the tool used by nearly all web designers and developers. You'll build a site and bring it home.

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Dreamweaver CC level 2

$325 — Skill Level: 2 — one day, 9:30am–4:30pm

Go deeper into Dreamweaver by learning its efficiency tools and features like the use of scripts and more.

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