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InDesign: Equalize Object Sizes

Make a large number of objects the exact same dimensions easily!

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If you're like every other InDesign user, you've either created shapes or placed images that have ended up in many different sizes. Most users think there's no way to get them in sync. But there is...

Various objects possessing various sizes. Most untidy!

To get the process started, you need a good role model. Select one of the objects, and use the Control Panel to set its Width and Height.

Set just one of the object's dimensions being careful to do nothing else but the steps that follow.

Now select all the shapes that need to have those dimensions. You can include the one you just changed if that makes it easier. Then, the key step, choose:
Object > Transform Again > Transform Sequence Again Individually.

Be sure to choose the right command. The one just above it would make all the selected objects fit in a space as big as you made that first object. If that ever proves useful, now you know that, too.

Gaze upon your hard work and feel gratified!

There is now order in the universe of your layout.