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All those pesky details

Cancellation and Payment

The deadline for cancellation or transferring to another class is 5 business days* before the start of your class. Students cancelling more than 5 business days before the start of class will receive a 90% refund (the remainder covers processing costs). Cancellations between 5 and 1 full business days before the start of class will receive a 70% refund. There will be no refund for cancellations made less than one full business day before the start of class.

Payment by check must be made 5 or more business days* before class. There is a $35 fee for checks returned for insufficient funds. Please contact us for electronic transfer of funds and any other questions regarding payment.

In the very rare event of a cancellation by Luminous Works, students will have the choice of rescheduling to a later class or receiving a full refund.

* Business days are Monday through Friday, from 9am to 5pm Pacific Time and exclude federal holidays.

Who can attend

Our classes are geared for adult education. Students aged 18 and over are welcome; those 13 to 18 may enroll with prior approval only.

Only enrolled students may remain in the classroom during class time. Of course, if one needs an assistance provider (e.g., interpreter for the hearing impaired), exceptions are made. Be aware that our classroom is accessible only by stairs.

Rescheduling Enrollment—Twice Only, and Class Must Be Taken Within 12 Months of Original Enrollment

The deadline for moving to another class is 5 business days before the start of your class. If you must reschedule a class in which you've enrolled, you may do so only twice and you must take the class within a year of your original enrollment before we consider your registration cancelled and refund your payment (less our processing costs per the above paragraph).

Free Refresher (what we call the "audit")!

Within 12 months of any class that is still offered in that time, just let us know that you're ready to commit to a date for your audit. If the class fills, we'll provide 24 hours notice and let you choose another date. Remember, we have only 8 workstations: non-refresher students are given priority, then earliest refresher requests. Scheduled audits are nontransferable. Although we enjoy seeing our students again, we can offer only one refresher class per student per normal class enrollment.

Let us know if you would like to enjoy your refresher from the red couch with your own laptop and software—this will increase the likelihood of getting the date you request.

The deadline for canceling or rescheduling your refresher is 1 business day* before the start of your refresher class. No-shows may not reschedule their audit ("use it or lose it").

Not all classes are held every month, so plan ahead!

There are no audits for those rare workshops with special guest instructors.

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Classes specifically addressing an Adobe product are taught by Adobe Certified Instructors, if certification exists for that product. Classes for other topics (e.g. photography, graphic design, etc.), which may or may not feature Adobe applications, are taught by experts carefully screened for their teaching skills.

  1. This document sets forth the terms and conditions under which payment for Luminous Works, LLC, services is to be made. This document also sets forth the limited conditions under which refunds may be due in the event a classroom program or other service, for which payment had already been received by Luminous Works, LLC, is cancelled by Luminous Works, LLC.
  2. Payment for Luminous Works, LLC classroom programs and other services is due in full in advance at time of registration.
  3. In those circumstances in which Luminous Works, LLC, contracts in writing for classroom programs or other services, and the contract calls for Luminous Works, LLC, to issue invoice(s) for payment to its customer, then the following shall apply : (a) invoice(s) shall be due Luminous Works, LLC, in full on or before 30 (thirty) days after invoice date; (b) invoice amounts not paid on time paid shall be subject to, and customer shall pay, a late payment service charge in the amount of 1.5% of the unpaid invoice amount each month the amount remains unpaid; (c) Luminous Works, LLC shall be entitled to invoice monthly or more frequently as Luminous Works, LLC may determine in its discretion.
  4. Luminous Works, LLC, shall be entitled in its discretion to cancel classroom program(s) at any time prior to any program's start time. Should Luminous Works, LLC, cancel any classroom program for under-subscription or any reason in its sole discretion, full refund or credit for any pre-paid cancelled program will be made promptly following cancellation. Luminous Works, LLC, shall have no liability for any other or further claims of any kind arising from or related in any way to its cancelling a program.
  5. In the event Luminous Works, LLC commences action of any kind in connection with collection of any fees or costs due it, then the party substantially prevailing in any such action shall have reasonable attorney fees and all costs of the action, including fees and costs incurred in connection with any trial de novo or appeal and the fees of any expert(s), from the other party.
  6. Venue of any action brought in connection herewith shall be in King County, Washington


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