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Luminous Works Training

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Adobe Software • Photography • Video Editing
Motion Graphics • Design & Layout • More!

Why Choose Us?

Not Just Good—We set standards!

Over decades of service, we've guided Adobe software development through its prerelease program, defined standards of expertise by helping craft Adobe certification exams, and created a book series used by schools, universities, and individuals everywhere.

CompTIA Certified Technical Trainer

We are expert Adobe professionals and certified instructors with years of experience teaching online and in-person, at colleges and industry conferences, in corporate conference rooms and our own cozy classroom.

at Seattle's only Adobe Authorized Training Center

ROI is our MO

Year after year, students tell us that our classes provide a tremendous return on their investment.
We design our curriculum with that as our goal!

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Mac or Windows-friendly Instruction

Muscle memory matters

Small Class Sizes

Our classroom seats 8, comfortably spaced

At Our Place or Yours

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New Class! Proposal Management Essentials

Learn the essentials of the entire proposal lifecycle, from finding proposal documents on owner procurement sites to incorporating debriefing intel into your next submission.
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The Impact of Generative AI

Purposeful creation involves intention, skill, and, often enough, serendipity. With an insightful prompt, GenAI software like Photoshop, Dalle 3, or Midjourney might render your vision—or it might not. Inspired by Pasteur's comment that “chance favors the prepared mind,” we provide you with knowledge and skills for purposeful creation and successful use of GenAI.

The Course & Compendium Book Series

Written by our instructors & friends, the books in this series contain a full step-by-step course and a comprehensive reference. Click the image below to learn more and order.

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Templates & Other Goodies

We're now offering easy-to-use design templates! To purchase, and to see our many free tips, tutorials, book suggestions, and more, visit our Resources page.

Photoshop Engraving Effect Template
Easy-to-use and adjustable, this template let's you place your own images to instantly give them an engraving print look, like intaglio portraits on many currencies.

Antique Map Graphics Photoshop Brush Set
Remarkably high-resolution brushes for adding legit antique details to your fantasy and faux-historical maps. Features settlements from cities to campsite, hills and mountains, creatures, a few ships, and diverse trees.

Now offering evening, weekend, and more multi-session Zoom classes!

Here's a few:

COVID and Our Classroom

  • Masks are optional but welcome.
  • Air is filtered with multiple HEPA filters and outdoor air is circulated whenever possible.

Student Questions & Answers

Check out a few student questions that you might have, too: our Q & A page

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