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Flu Season, COVID, and Our Classes

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at Seattle's only Adobe Authorized Training Center

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Our instructors are expert users and Adobe Certified Instructors

Live In-person, Live via Zoom, or Recorded

We love that humans are wired for face-to-face instruction, but that's not easy for everyone. So we also offer some classes live via Zoom as well as recorded versions of others.

Free Class Audit Within a Year

Be sure to check the details

Mac or Windows-friendly Instruction

Muscle memory matters.

Small Class Sizes

Our classroom seats 8, and we're maintaining safe distancing.

Filtered Air

Our heated or cooled air is HEPA filtered. We also move fresh air through our space when possible.


Online Options Part 1: Live Courses via Zoom

We are offering select classes tailored to live, online instruction. Check 'em out:

Online Options Part 2: On-demand Video Courses with a Free Refresher!

Enjoy two weeks of 24-hour access to well-indexed video versions of some of our courses. Within one year, you can enjoy a free refresher either in-person or another two weeks' access to the video course.

Presenting The Course & Compendium Book Series

book covers

Written by instructors Steve Laskevitch, Jason Hoppe, and Ben Goldsmith and our friend Jeff Carlson (and published by Rocky Nook), the books in this new series contain a full step-by-step course and a comprehensive reference. Click on the image of the covers to order them or learn more.

Steve's Markdown to Indesign Info

Links to his article and the free download of the script are over at our Resources page.

Student Questions & Answers

Luminous Works students are invited to email their instructor with questions after the course is over. Many of you may benefit from the answers we've supplied, so we built our Q & A page as a resource. We've just begun, so check back as the list of questions grows.

Seattle Daylight Calculator

How much daylight will Seattle have today? Or any day of the year? Steve made an interactive infographic so you can know for any date of your choosing! Check out the Seattle Daylight Calculator. Learn how to build simple infographics in Steve's class: Illustrator Level 2: Icons,Infographics & More. Upcoming dates and full description at that link.

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