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Take it again! Within 12 months of any class that is still offered in that time, just get in touch and let us know when you want to audit. If there's a seat available, it's yours. Please read the full details
All of our computers can run your operating system of choice. No need to undo years of muscle memory.
Since we strictly limit class size, you will not be just another head to count, but rather a learner with whom we're communicating and for whom we're customizing our content. Do you see the picture of our classroom? That's it. One of those cozy seats is for you.
Constantly updated and never canned. No mass-produced workbooks geared for the lowest common denominator. Instead, each class exercise is evaluated and tweaked to be effective and often fun.
We teach Adobe Creative software, but also classes in photographic workflows, and several on "the basics" to get you started in web or desktop publishing. Our luxuriously small class sizes allow us adapt a course on the fly to accommodate that day's attendees. We teach people, not workstations.
From the lighting to the full kitchen; from your choice of operating system to the expansive deck for catching your breath, you'll feel right at home while you learn. Students even ask us where they can buy our chairs! And we're easily accessible from anywhere in the Seattle region.
Luminous Works classes focusing on Adobe software are taught by Adobe Certified Instructors; those who've both mastered the applications they teach, passing rigorous exams to prove it, and who demonstrate their teaching skills by becoming Certified Technical Trainers. They're also graded by you after every class.
We've all encountered experts who can't impart their knowledge. That isn't the case here.
Adobe Authorized Training Center

Classes of Note:

Building Infographics with Illustrator
Create compelling maps, charts, graphs, icons and logos
Designing Layouts in InDesign
Learn the specific steps to creating well-designed layouts

Featured Classes:

InDesign CC Essentials
Layout laid out
Photoshop CC Essentials
Pixel Mastery
Graphic Design Basics
learn the rules worth breaking

Those Who've Chosen Us

I came to this class, and I got more out of the two days than my month of online video training.
Premiere student

We're honored & grateful to the many who've taken time out of their busy working lives to learn with us. Here are just a few:

New Class! teaches you how to master this dynamic program’s tools to produce compelling presentations and to bring any story to life! Join instructor Erica for this one day class.

Steve’s writing a book! Adobe InDesign CC: A Complete Course and Compendium of Features is your guide to building publications great or small in this ubiquitous page layout application. Contains a complete Course that includes a set of projects and lessons derived from his classes, learn the procedures needed to use InDesign professionally.

Dozens of lessons are included that can be applied to any document: engineering proposals, marketing collateral, spec sheets, magazines, newsletters, books, and more. Through these step-by-step lessons, you’ll be exposed to all of InDesign’s features in practical contexts and its best practices for publishing workflows. Coming in 2019!

Take charge of your camera! Learn what all those buttons and dials do, how to freeze motion and control focus throughout the frame. Our next class will be held Tuesdays, January 8, 15, 22, and 29.

Weekly, hands-on sessions with Instructor Carla provide feedback; personally evaluated assignments aid retention of your new skills. The small class size - max of 9 students - insures you get the attention and direction you need to understand the technical details to get the max out of your camera.

Once again, we're thinking of offering evening classes. Please, let us know what you'd like to see.


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