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Photoshop Engraving Effect Template ($29)add to cart

An easy-to-use and adjustable template into which you can place your own images to give them that engraving print look, like the intaglio portraits on many currencies. You can adjust the density of the engraving lines as well. Comes with instructions, but basic familiarity with Photoshop's Smart Object feature could be helpful.

Example images:

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Markdown to InDesign, Simplified The path from Word or Google Docs to InDesign is often fraught. Markdown offers writers and InDesigners a smoother path.

Student Questions & Answers

Luminous Works students are invited to email their instructor with questions that arise after the course is over. Since many of you may benefit from the answers we've supplied over the years, we built our Q & A page as a resource. We've just begun the process, so check back periodically as the list of questions grows.

Recommended Books and Gear

The Course & Compendium Book Series

Written by our instructors & friends, Steve Laskevitch, Jason Hoppe, Ben Goldsmith and Jeff Carlson, the books in this series contain a full step-by-step course and a comprehensive reference. Click on the image of the covers to order or learn more.

book covers

Please, find a local bookseller or retailer, or use these Amazon affiliate links:

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Short, sweet, and casual. Tips, tutorials, and services from us and our friends.

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