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Short, sweet, and casual. Tips and tutorials from us, the folks of Luminous Works.

  1. InDesign: WordsFlow plugin for MS Word to InDesign Workflows.
    I've been passing along a recommendation for this plugin for so long, I finally had to try it myself. Why did I wait so long? From Word to InDesign and back again with styles intact! Straightforward and reliable, it saved me hours already with the first project to which I applied it. The link above will take you to Em Software's site where you can download a 15-day trial.
  2. Photoshop: The Myths of Lab Mode
    The Lab color model is wonderful. After all, it represents human vision. But there are claims made about why Photoshop users need it for color and tonal correction. Here, we try to set things straight. Warning: it's a little cranky.
  3. Lab is warped, an article by Pat Herold of Chromix, is a fun and informative look at the color space behind the ones we know: RGB and CMYK. A few reminders of the basics thrown in make a worth a look for anyone into color.
  4. InDesign: Ridding Your Text of Runts
    Those annoying short words on their own line at the end of paragraphs are frequently called "runts" and this tip will help you prevent them.
  5. InDesign: maintain the same content in multiple places with Place and Link
    Whether it's layered fonts or other reasons, you just sometimes need to have the same text in multiple places. This tip will make that easier.
  6. Equalizing Shapes in InDesign
    Different sizes of objects got you down? This will make life easy—fast!
  7. Illustrator: What are they hiding?
    a curmudgeonly one-take wonder about the many useful features in Adobe Illustrator that are oddly hidden from view.
  8. In Praise of InDesign Tabs
    a glowingly positive take on how lowly tabs can make one's life oh so much easier and your docs prettier
  9. The Adobe Pen Tool (48 min) video. Remember to download the Illustrator file (right-click, Save as). On YouTube, derived from our half-day class.
  10. Key elements of Color Management
    On Vimeo, from our former fun class on the topic.
  11. CSS Sprites
    A little background on a cool topic (pun intended)

Photoshop User Group

Download Steve's Photoshop presentation of 18 April 2017

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Color Management Services: Chromix
Need color profiles for your printing devices? One of our cherished partners, Chromix, has revved their Color Valet service to make profiling your output devices more painless than ever.

Friends (presented in no order whatsoever)

Majestic Bay Theater
gorgeous, locally owned
True North Coffee Roasters
Good coffee, great folks, fine neighbors. Smell that delightful smell during class!
Studio 5 Innovation
A full service firm for web design, graphic design, photography, video, SEO, apps, social media marketing and more. —and they're friends!
Sharon Swanson
Sharon does lovely illustration and design. Go ahead, take a look at this fine human's work.
Andiamo Tours
Every creative person needs to recharge. Where better to do that than in Italy? The tours from Paola's Andiamo Tours are perfect!
Christy Pelland
Photography (especially wedding photography) with a unique vision by a warm and wonderful human.
Jennifer Nerad
If you've had an InDesign class here, you may already know our dear Jennifer. Check out her art—we love it!
Adam Crowley
Adam is a fun and fine guy—and great photographer. Of course he's available for hire and has a rich collection of images for purchase, too.
Lou Cuevas
Photographer and pal Lou is also the landlord to Luminous Works' classroom. A fine host, and excellent photographer, he is.
Evolution Press
In a time that is seeing a resurgence of letterpress printing, this place really stands out. Absolutely first rate stuff. If you like print, you'll love their letterpress work! They made our cards.

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