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  • Masks are optional but welcome.
  • Air is filtered with multiple HEPA filters and outdoor air is circulated whenever possible.

If you are unwell, do not come to class and please let us know. We'll work out something. The health and safety of our students and staff are paramount. For reference, here are our usual cancellation policies

Before Your Class

No worries, our registration form separates the two. So, the student receives a confirmation email with the info needed to attend and the payer receives a confirmation of the registration and a receipt.

For our live (Zoom and in-person) classes, Yes. For our on-demand video courses, we currently have a limit of one student per registration, but that student can register for multiple courses with access for two weeks after a course is begun.

Here's how to register multiple students in one or multiple live classes:

  1. For each class, add to the cart the number of seats desired
  2. Proceed to checkout. The registration form lists the classes and how many seats are requested in each (you can change how many seats are needed on that form, if necessary)
  3. Indicate how many total humans are getting signed up, then...
  4. Finally, for each student, supply a name, email address, and check the box for each class they're attending. The form will guide you.

All of the classes in our classroom proudly feature face-to-face, in-person instruction. Our online offerings are clearly labeled "via Zoom" or as on-demand video recordings.

Choosing the right class for your unique needs can be challenging. Read through the full class description, and contact us if you need class counseling. We want you in the class that meets your needs!

No. Our classroom has speedy computers with large displays for your use.

Our classes are geared for adult education. Students aged 18 and over are welcome; those 13 to 17 may be enrolled with prior approval only.

Yes there is. You can view or download it from here: Curriculum Map

Not for Introductory and Level 1 classes. Some students find it useful to explore a bit prior to those classes, but it is not required. More advanced classes require more experience, of course.

You! Some students like to bring note-taking material and beverages, which are welcome, though we provide complimentary coffee, tea, and cold, filtered water. You might also bring a lunch. Headphones are also needed for audio editing in Premiere Pro classes.

To bring home your class files and reference materials, you'll need to bring a flash memory device. Dropbox or other cloud sharing services are too slow to upload your files. USB3 (and Thunderbolt 3) drives will be the fastest (we support type-A and type-C connectors). In a pinch, SD cards can work, too, but they're much slower.
Capacity needed?

For Photoshop classes: To take home class files, you'll need 6–10 GB.

For Premiere Pro classes: You'll need 16GB or more.

For all other classes, 2–4 GB on your flash drive is usually sufficient to bring home your class files.

Yes, we have a full kitchen with dishes, utensils and a microwave available for your use, as well as a refrigerator/freezer for storage. There are many eating options nearby, too.

First, consult Luminous Works' transfer policies, then contact us.

Your regular class registration can be transferred to another (e.g., a co-worker) at no penalty if your substitute will attend the exact class for which you registered. However, refreshers/audits will be for the person who is finally registered to attend the course. Please be sure to read Luminous Works' transfer policies, then contact us to make the arrangements.

Yes, but there are restrictions. Please see our Terms, Conditions and Policies page

Please review our Luminous Works' cancellation policies, then contact us to make arrangements. We'll miss you!

General Information About Our Classes

Although both are for new users of the software and prepare students for our level two classes, our two-day, in-person Essentials classes provide more time to explore the features covered and more in-class exercises to master them. Also, with two days, it is often possible to provide more examples specific to a student's industry or use of the software.

The Foundations classes are streamlined for those who can secure just one day to learn the software and/or need to take the class online.

Full details at Luminous Works' audit policies.

All our Terms, Policies and Conditions can be found here.

No. Please contact us directly to register for your audit. First, be sure to review the Luminous Works' audit policies. If you can bring a laptop with the current version of the software, we can often guarantee a seat for your refresher, rather than waiting until one business day before to inform you.

Our calendar displays a maximum of 4 months of classes. Not every class runs in every month.

contact us to determine when the class will be offered again.

Due to Covid, we will run most classes with just one new student! Contact us to determine if the class you desire is included.

Only 8 workstations, nicely spaced, are available in our classroom. See our seating arrangement on the About page.

They're the best! Carla & Steve, Luminous Works' founders, are both award-winning, certified teachers with decades of experience. In fact, we look for deep experience, certifications, and technical know-how in all our instructors. Learn more about Luminous Works' instructors and staff.

No, but do be sure to let your instructor know if you have an older version so your class files can be compatibly saved for that version. If you have further questions about your version vs. the version we teach, email or call us with your questions.

Yes! A Certificate of Completion can be created at the end of any course.

Yes. Prospective employers occasionally contact us to verify class participation, so be certain to wait until you have completed your class to do so.

Yes, we do, and we'll offer more as interest indicates. In addition, we can arrange custom instruction for you or your group. Contact us for more information.


The computers may be from Apple, but we offer a special setup for Windows users including a standard two-button mouse, a Windows keyboard, and taskbar. You can focus on learning the course content and developing the correct muscle memory rather than a whole new operating system.

There are 37 steps to access our space.

Yes, we have a full kitchen with dishes, utensils, range, and a microwave available for your use, as well as a refrigerator/freezer for storage.

Payment & Discounts

We do not offer discounts.

Sadly, Adobe does not offer software discounts to students of Adobe Authorized Training Centers.

Please check your spam or junk filters, especially if you have a Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo email address. Add emails to your "Safe Senders" list to ensure future deliveries. If it still doesn't turn up, contact us.

Traveling to Us

Yes. contact us for details.

Yes, contact us us for a complete list.


We do. There are scheduled live classes offered via Zoom, in addition to our live, in-person classes. We also offer recorded versions of our classes as time-limited, on-demand video (which include all the course resources). We still believe, however, that face-to-face, hands-on training is best for the sophisticated skills we teach.

Due to low demand, we are not longer able to offer Clock Hours.

We do not offer college credit.

Yes. See our resources page. Each class has materials (mostly electronic) for your review and reference. You may also email your instructor for basic email support after your class.

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