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Frequently Asked Questions

Please see our Terms, Conditions and Policies

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Before Your Class

Can I switch dates or cancel my enrollment?
Yes, but there are restrictions. Please see our Terms, Conditions and Policies page
Do I need to bring a computer?
No. We have computers in our classroom available for your use. When you come to class, you can choose macOS or Windows.
Which class should I take?
Choosing the right class for your unique needs can be challenging. Read through the full class description, and contact us if you need class counseling. We want you in the class that meets your needs!
Is the instructor present in the room or remote/online?
All of our classes proudly feature face-to-face and in-person instruction.
Do I have to study the software first?
Not for Introductory and Level 1 classes. Some students find it useful to explore a bit prior to those classes, but it is not required. More advanced classes require more experience, of course.
What should I bring with me to class?

After Effects students please bring an 8GB or larger USB3 drive as Dropbox or other cloud sharing services will be too slow to download your files.

Premiere Pro students please bring a 16GB or or larger USB3 drive as Dropbox or other cloud sharing services will be too slow to download your files.

All other classes, a 2 GB flash drive is usually sufficient to bring home your class files. We also provide complimentary coffee and tea. You might also bring a notebook and lunch....

Can I bring my lunch?
Yes, we have a full kitchen with dishes, utensils and a microwave available for your use, as well as a refrigerator/freezer for storage. There's many eating options nearby, too.
How do I transfer to a different class?
First, consult Luminous Works' transfer policies, then contact us.
Can someone else attend if I can't make my class?
Your regular class registration can be transferred to another (e.g., a co-worker) at no penalty if your substitute will attend the exact class for which you registered. However, refreshers cannot be transferred. Please be sure to read Luminous Works' transfer policies, then contact us to make the arrangements.
How do I cancel my class?
Please review our Luminous Works' cancellation policies, then contact us to make arrangements. We'll miss you!

General Information About Our Classes

What is the audit/refresher that you offer?
Full details at Luminous Works' audit policies.
What are your policies and conditions?
All our Terms, Policies and Conditions can be found here.
Can I sign up for an audit/refresher through your registration page?
No. Please contact us directly to register for your audit. First, be sure to review the Luminous Works' audit policies. If you can bring a laptop with the current version of the software, we can often guarantee a seat for your refresher, rather than waiting until one business day before to inform you.
Why don't I see classes on the calendar beyond a certain date?
Our calendar displays a maximum of 4 months of classes. Not every class runs in every month.
When will you be offering a currently unscheduled class?
contact us to determine when the class will be offered again.
What's the minimum class size?
We will run with a minimum of only two new students!
What's the maximum class size?
There are only 9 workstations in our comfy classroom. For custom classes, we can accommodate more if the additional students bring laptops.
Who are your teachers?
They're the best! As an Adobe Authorized Training Center, they must be Adobe Certified Experts and Adobe Certified Instructors for the software they teach. Learn more about Luminous Works' instructors and staff.
Do I have to have the latest version of the software at home/work?
No, but do be sure to let your instructor know if you have an older version so your class files can be compatibly saved for that version. If you have further questions about your version vs. the version we teach, email or call us with your questions.
Can I get a certificate of completion for my class?
Yes! A Certificate of Completion can be created at the end of any course.
Can I put a Luminous Works class on my resume?
Yes. Prospective employers occasionally contact us to verify class participation, so be certain to wait until you have completed your class to do so.
Do you have night or weekend classes?
We're working on it, but it's good to know what classes folks want in those time slots. Please contact us if you are interested and let us know. We want you in the class that meets your needs!


Do you use macOS or Windows?
Both! When you come to class you choose.
Are you wheelchair accessible?
There are 37 steps to access our space.
Does Luminous Works have kitchen facilities?
Yes, we have a full kitchen with dishes, utensils, range, and a microwave available for your use, as well as a refrigerator/freezer for storage.

Payment & Discounts

Do you offer discounts on multiple classes or for non-profits?
We do not offer discounts.
Do you accept POs/Purchase Orders?
Due to our small class sizes, we do not accept POs. Full payment is required to hold seats. Not all classes fill quickly, so there may be time for your payment to be processed by your accounting department. Contact us to see how enrollment in a class is filling or for more info.
Can you get me a discount for Adobe software?
Sadly, Adobe does not offer software discounts to students of Adobe Authorized Training Centers.
What if I didn't receive a receipt or confirmation email?
Please check your spam or junk filters, especially if you have a Hotmail or Yahoo email address. Add us to your Safe List to ensure future deliveries. If it still doesn't turn up, contact us.

Traveling to Us

Do you offer any hotels discounts?
Yes. contact us for details.
Do you have nearby hotels you recommend?
Yes, email us for a complete list.


Do you offer online training?
We are currently not offering online training. Face-to-face, hands-on training is still best for the sophisticated skills we teach.
Does Luminous Works offer Clock Hours or CEUs?
Due to low demand, we are not longer able to offer Clock Hours.
Can I get college credit for taking your classes?
While Luminous Works is an Adobe Authorized Training Center, we do not offer college credit.
Any additional resources available to Luminous Works Students?
Yes. See our resources page. Each class has materials (mostly electronic) for your review. You may also email your instructor for basic email support after your class.


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