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Lightroom Photo Workflow

Skill Level 1

$595 • two days (12 hours)
meets 9:30am–4:30pm

Not currently scheduled. However, custom training and consulting are available: contact us for rates and information.

Class Description

So helpful and absolutely prepared me for my work I hope to have the opportunity to return to expand on my knowledge.
Photoshop student

In this thorough class, we'll spend our time learning workflow: from choosing appropriate file formats for image capture, to efficiently downloading images from your camera, through sorting, editing, color/tonal correcting, sharpening, presenting slideshows, and outputing photographic images using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. We'll even supply a broad assortment of images to work on— no need to haul your gear to class.

We'll stress the ways to "template" the data you use often to copyright and keyword your images and methods to process many images quickly. Once images have been "developed", we will produce both slideshows and websites from right inside Lightroom! We'll also look at how to get images to Photoshop for those tasks that still require it (HDR, panoramas, composite imagery, etc).

And although we have specific workflow recommendations, we strive to give you the knowledge you need to make your own decisions.

Note on versions:

Lightroom Classic CC is the continuation to the solid, reliable, pro-level tool we've used for years. The new Lightroom CC is a cross-device (including mobile) application that emulates much of the behavior of the "classic" application. Although it is refreshing to have access to most of Lightroom's toolset on any device, this new version fails to provide features that serious amateurs and professionals need (HDR and panoramas) and some are simply not available in the mobile version (Tone Curve and Split Toning, for example).

The new Lightroom CC is gaining ground, but until more pro and "pro-sumer" features find their way in, this course will feature Lightroom Classic CC. Luckily, comfort with that version makes it easy to use either.

what we cover—in detail

(always customized for the students attending)

Importing and Editing
  • view, organize, sort and rate your images
  • apply copyright, keywords, "development" settings and other metadata
  • organize your images with rankings and labels
  • apply location data via GPS or drag-and-drop
  • process images for clients and the web with high efficiency
Master digital development and do what no darkroom ever could—and work nondestructively!
  • control the color of light after the shoot
  • recover nearly lost shadow and highlight detail
  • sharpen with finesse
  • grayscale conversion and split toning
  • hue shifts
  • use Lightroom with JPEGs and TIFFs as well as dealing with Raw files, especially DNGs (Digital Negatives)
Use Lightroom Catalogs to move images amongst several computers
  • segregate separate bodies of work
  • go from your laptop in the field to your dektop in the studio
  • how to archive your images
Get images from camera to client: shortcuts and tips to prepare images for their final destination.
  • preparing presets and shortcuts up front for high speed later
  • what to do, and what to blow off
  • Create Slideshows
  • Export web photo galleries with Lightroom's templates or your own
  • Print final images or drafts or contact sheets with equal ease
Print with managed color and sharpness
  • color management essentials for imaging professionals
  • loading, finding, and using profiles when printing and exporting
Correct color consistently and re-editably: how to use Lightroom's Development system
  • Save and even recover delicate highlights and shadows
  • Saturate or tone down difficult hues
  • Reversibly (!) make black and white images from your color ones
Simulate traditional photographic processes in adjustable, reproducible ways.
  • new technology, classic look and feel
  • create your own recipe
  • share your recipe with others
Retouch and restore images nondestructively
  • Light retouching
  • Cropping and straightening
  • input sharpening
  • output sharpening
Confidently share your images with others
  • Exporting to different file formats and automating that process

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This is a "Level 1" class

Level 1: For students new to the software or skill being taught, or with broad gaps in knowledge, but familiar with the concepts under discussion

Not required, but may be useful before taking this course:

All of our classes require basic computer skills.

Not currently scheduled. However, custom training and consulting are available: contact us for rates and information.


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